Plywood and Sheathing
Lummus Supply offers an extensive variety of plywoods and sheet goods to fit the needs of the professional builders, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers:

HomeGuard Housewrap

HomeGuard Housewrap is a high-quality solution for preventing air leakage, controlling drafts, improving indoor air quality, and protecting wall systems from water and moisture damage.


The average household creates three to six GALLONS of moisture every day from cooking, showering, even breathing! This vapor seeps into the wall cavity and needs to escape before it becomes condensation (liquid water). The damaging effects of water include rotting, rust, and mold. Thus, moisture permeability becomes crucial so the wall cavity can thoroughly dry out. The micro-perforations in the durable polyolefin material of HomeGuard Housewrap allow moisture as a vapor to escape the wall cavity. The wall cavity remains dry and free from the damage caused by water.

Air Resistant

Wind can infiltrate exterior walls causing drafts. Like the jacket a person wears on a windy day, HomeGuard Housewrap is the windbreaker for a building. It resists air infiltration and protects against drafts. Air infiltration also allows outside pollutants to seep into the home, anything from a bad smell to pollens and biological contaminates. HomeGuard housewrap improves the performance of the insulation system, and increases the energy efficiency of heating system.

Water Resistant

Water resistance and air resistance are the most crucial performance requirements of a weather barrier system. As a secondary water resistant barrier HomeGuard Housewrap protects the outer wall structure from water damage. During the building process, before the exterior cladding goes on the walls, housewrap must protect against obvious weather exposure. After the exterior fa├žade is installed, the water resistant barrier must continue to protect against water that may penetrate the exterior cladding. HomeGuard Housewrap far surpassed the ICC-ES AC38 test requirement of ten minutes when tested according to ASTM D 779.

UV Resistant And Durable

Ultra violet inhibitors in HomeGuard Housewrap make it UV Resistant for 6 months. The polyolefin weave gives it superior strength and durability to withstand weather and harsh jobsite conditions. Yet it is lightweight for fast easy installation, and translucent allowing for a clear view of the framing member underneath.