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Do youl like your wood pre-primed?
 We offer single coat spruce and double coated radiata pine boards for interior and exterior use.
What about the durability of cement?
James Hardie fiber cement trim adds the finishing touches to a beautiful, lasting James Hardie homes, and are all engineered for climate, so you get the right siding for your home no matter how harsh the weather is where you live. HardieTrim® boards provide unmatched durability and allow you to create a variety of design possibilities for trim, gables, corners, fascia, windows, doors, column wraps, rakes, friezes, decorative trim and other non-structural architectural elements. HardieTrim boards come with a 15-year transferable, limited warranty.

Trim, Soffits and Cornice  materials are those finishing touches that make a home distinctive. Choosing the right material for the job is important not only for the right look but for long term durability and maintance as well.

Lummus Supply Company offers a wide variety of trim boards in order to give our customers a selection of materials to meet the need of their particular project.
Browse through some of our products below to find just the right product to complete the look for your home.
Gorman Bros.
Gorman Bros.
Traditional, Sustainable, Affordable -
Sometimes you just have to have real wood for an authentic look or just because you're a purist. We've got you covered. Gorman Bros. makes great wood boards and pattern stock from North American spruce and lodgepole trees. They respect the enviroment and deliver what they proudly call "The Finest Boards in the world" at a price that respects your budget.
To further  efforts towards ensuring sustainable forest management, Gorman Bros. has implemented a land-based sustainable forest management (SFM) certification that meets the Canadian Standards Association Z809 Standard. On-the-ground forest management activities are conducted according to the Sustainable Forest Management Plan.
Lummus Supply Company  offers Gorman trim board for those who want the benefits that real wood affords in 1x4 through 1 x12.
xo extreme

 XO Cellular PVC Board is the high-quality wood replacement remedy offering multiple benefits for builders, designers, homeowners and businesses. The superior exterior solution, XO can be used for trimboards, fascia, cornerboards, beadboards, columns – and more.


Builders and designers enjoy XO because it's extremely durable on the outside while maintaining workability on the inside. With few imperfections and more dent resistance, XO is the easy to install, quality wood replacement remedy for trimboards, fascia, cornerboards, beadboards, columns – and more. Backed with a limited lifetime warranty, XO reduces callbacks – so you can move on to your next project with ease.


XO is a great solution for:

  • Decorative millwork
  • Porch ceilings
  • Garage door jams
  • Gables
  • Soffits
  • Cornerboards
  • Curved windows
  • Round uses
  • Window surrounds
  • Accents
  • Post moldings
  • Pediments
  • Corners

– And Much More!

Cedar & Cypress

We order thousands of feet of Cedar and Cypress boards,lumber,beams and siding for our customers each year.
If you have a special project in mind that would look great using all natural Cedar or Cypress give us a call and let us help you get just the right product for your job.

1 Kings 6:15

And he built the inside walls of the temple with cedar boards; from the floor of the temple to the ceiling he paneled the inside with wood; and he covered the floor of the temple with planks of cypress.